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Every well trained Field Trial Retriever
judging capable of recognizing that
retriever's unique talents in competition as
defined by "Field Trial Rules & Standard
Procedure for Non-Slip Retriever Trials".

This site is dedicated to improving the
Field Trial judges. The site will present on a
factual basis the accomplishments as an
OWNER HANDLER in AKC Retriever Field
Trial competition of those approved to judge.
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In 1965 the average entry in an AKC Licensed Derby was 21+ dogs, the Amateur average was 25.6 dogs & the Open
average was 33.6 dogs. There were 126 Open All-Age licensed field trials that year. Some clubs struggled to have the
required number of QAA dogs to put on an Amateur All-Age stake. The out of town judge/s normally judged both All-Age
stakes. Entry fees for the All-Age stakes were $12.50 & $7.50 for the Derby which used pigeons. It was a rare breeding
(generally a repeat) where pups sold for $250, $100 was the standard.

In 2005 the average Derby entry was 22+ dogs (from a high of 41 in 1975), the average Amateur entry was 54+ dogs & the
Open All-Age average entry was nearly 69 dogs. There were 213 Open All-Age stakes in 2005. Entry fees vary from $55 to
$80 for all stakes. There is no longer a shortage of QAA dogs. Pups from prestige breedings are $3,000 to $5,000 if you can
even get on the list. Many amateurs have a more high powered string of dogs than the mid-level Pro's. There are more good
dogs (there were good dogs in 1965, just not as many) & training methods have vastly improved. Grounds are not as easy to
obtain & very easy to lose. We as a group need to do more politically to increase access to public lands & upgrade those
lands for our needs. Retrievers rank among the most popular dogs as evidenced by AKC registrations.

The AKC required qualifications to be a judge are much the same as they were in the 60's. You now have to pass an open
book test & judges for the All-Age stakes need a combined total of 8 points from the original combined total of 5 points
(year?) & the Derby has increased from 2 championship points to (a) the same, (b) 1 championship point + 3 minor points or
(c) 5 minor points, again all in combination of the 2 judges.

This website is saying there are plenty of qualified individuals available to provide quality judging at member trials. There is
data to back that statement!!! Many of these people are overlooked because they are not self promoters &/or are not on the
tip of everyone's tongue. If we continue to recycle the same individuals as judges we may as well have full time judges go
around the circuit each weekend like officials in other sports. While I have entered & run under many individuals who I
consider well qualified to hold the book, once a year in each time zone or circuit is enough. It is like traveling with someone
other than your wife, on about the 4th day you wish they were somewhere else.

There is no need to accept the minimal standards that are advanced by many that have not done the necessary fact finding to
prove their statements One can only blame Field Trial sponsoring clubs for their off the wall approach of arranging for judges,
they have the RESPONSIBILITY! If you view the APPROVED page of this site & look at all the individuals with 0 behind
GROUNDS. Why does a club expect contestants to foot the bill for expenses & put up with potential poor decisions from an
individual with this obvious lack of qualifications? Trials are getting too big for 1 Judge to carry the load! Everyone should
recognize that judging has a major influence on this sport, placings equal Popular Dog, Icon Status, Stud Fees, Pricey
Puppies. Both judges are considered equal by the AKC, there is no override on a poor pairing decision made by trial
sponsoring clubs other than DON'T ENTER!!!

I would ask that you read the JUDGES page, this is a JUDGES CORNER article that RETRIEVER FIELD TRIAL NEWS
has given this site permission to reprint. Additionally, there will be a complete reprint of THE STATUS of a JUDGE of
LICENSED FIELD TRIALS by the AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB. This was shown in Volume III, number 1,
February-March, 1967 of the RETRIEVER FIELD TRIAL NEWS & is still true.